Custom Framing

Here are some of my recent custom framing orders. Custom picture framing is one of my biggest passions. I especially love specialty orders with French-lines and washed panels.



Vintage Derek Hess from Hessfest:

hessfestfullsize hessfestdetail

Some original art (block print on paper):


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Houses: Grace 2013


As long as I can I remember, I have dreamed about houses, buildings and mansions. Several in particular but many that seem unfamiliar. I move through rooms, find myself in foreign lands, see ghosts, find hidden passage ways etc…

It is believed that dreams relating to a house often refer to various aspects of the Self. This idea only makes it all more interesting to me. More on this idea later it think.

Commissioned work:
Colored pencil & marker on illustration board
Outside dimension 8″ X 10″